Privacy Policy


RadBlock respects your privacy 100%. Your data is not our business. No gotchas.

Safari extensions

The RadBlock Safari extensions do not have permission, nor the need, to read or transmit content from the webpages you visit.

When prompted, the “RadBlock” extension may read the current tab’s URL to help you configure RadBlock on a per-site basis. It does not, however, track you or your activity.

Cloud services

RadBlock uses “the cloud” in order to keep its blockers up-to-date, but we do not collect, store or transmit any information about you.

Our cloud services are provided by either iCloud or AWS, depending on whether or not you’re using a beta version of RadBlock1.


We don’t use analytics, trackers or have ads on our website. We keep access logs to count the number of visitors, but that’s it.

Happy surfing! 🏄‍♂ī¸

  1. iCloud is unavailable outside of the Mac App Store, much like our beta version(s). ↩ī¸Žī¸Ž