RadBlock Support

How beta testing works

I’ve received my beta invite! Now what?

Welcome to the club! Before we go any further, please make sure to read over the next few sections carefully…

The first and only rule

This beta is just for you, so please don’t share it with anyone else. Do feel free to use it on any of your Macs, though.

Does this mean I can talk about it?

Being a RadBlock tester is like being in Fight Club, but we don’t mind if you talk about it.

Wait. OK, it’s nothing like Fight Club.

So go ahead, chat it up, post screenshots… whatever! In fact, doing so would really help us out. We think there’s a lot to love.

We just ask that you remember the app is still in beta and not ready for any formal reviews.


Be it questions, bugs, ideas, praise, or criticism – we want to hear it all!

Reach out to us via email or ping us on Twitter. You can do either within the app from the Help menu.

Release cycle

Beta versions expire roughly 30 days after their release date. With your permission, the app will check for updates and update itself whenever a new version is available.

We’ll release new versions often enough so that you won’t have to live without RadBlock. 🥰